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Episode 122: Glory Hog [Jan. 5th, 2006|01:51 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Amarantine by Enya]

The begining of the New Year brings unlimited possibilities, and I hope that they are all good ones.  I stopped making resolutions because they never have been proven to be an effective means of behavioral change.  Instead, I make gradual changes every now and then.  I'm starting with my finances... spending less on frivolous things this year and reducing the amount I spend on things like DVDs and clothes.  Eating will always be a frivolous part of my expenses.  I think it's good for the soul to indulge in the occassional, decadent meal.

The new year officially began with a cozy party of 9 people at Matt & Adam's place.  They prepared a nice, sit-down dinner followed by absolutely fun and creative games - 1980's themed.  Their neighborhood experienced a power outage around 9 pm, and we were all in the dark for roughly over an hour.  Luckily they were prepared with an abundant supply of candles.  As Paula perfectly put it, if we were in a straight man's apartment, we would be in the dark!  The power was restored within the 11 pm hour for us to ring in the new year with some apple cider.  I invited Khang, and he brought along his friend Timothy.  After knowing him for about 4 years, that night was the night I found out that I had been saying his name incorrectly.  It's actually pronounced "Kong" like King Kong.  I could not imagine letting someone mispronounce my name for that length of time.  Bottom line... it was a funny epiphany.

The first of the new year was spent sleeping-in while it rained outside.  I watched parts of several rebroadcasts of the Rose Parade, and I think this was the first time I actually saw it rain on the parade.  It was quite interesting.  After the rain cleared, I met up with some friends at TGIF's in Costa Mesa to exchange gifts, eat, and catch up.  I did not know this then, but I accidentally left my debit card with the bill.  I called to cancel the card, and now have to wait over one week for a new one to be issued.  That means I cannot pay for things with it, and cannot acccess an ATM.  I have to go into the bank during business hours (a challenge for me because of my work schedule), show my ID, and stand in line to talk to a teller.  Actually, it's not so bad.  It's refreshing to have a person provide this service to you instead of a machine, and it's probably also a blessing in disguise - no means to spend money on frivolous things for the next week and a half because I have no active debit card.  Of course, the credit cards are still there, but I have been really good at keeping them hidden away from my site in a secure place.

Yes, there is the annual post-holiday blues that I (and probably everyone) is experiencing.  My theory is that the holidays are like "ecstacy."  You get a big helping of it three months in a row, and then it's suddenly ripped away from you, leaving you left in a cold, dark winter otherwise known as January.  After all that excitement and happiness is fed to you, you suffer withdrawals once it's taken away.  Much like the "e" drug, you get your spurts of happiness, but you end up feeling quite miserable and depressed the day after when you suffer a similar withdrawal.  But I have a good amount to look forward to.  Being a Chinese-American, I am spoiled by two New Year celebrations.  The Lunar New Year is only about 3 weeks away, which means yummy Chinese food and red enevlopes with money.  Both are always welcomed!

In 2006, I hope for safety and peace.  I hope my good health continues to only get better.  I hope my dad finds some fun projects to do - he is retired as of today, and I'm glad to hear it.  I hope he is less tired and more energetic now that he can do what he enjoys, which includes visiting the Senior Community Center in Little Saigon.  I hope life gets more organized.  I hope that my financial situation continues to get better, and for opportunities to grow at work.  I'm still astonished at all that has been accomplised since I started my full time job (potentially a career) on August 31st, 2004.  I have gotten familiar with so many of the Orange County high school and college education departments, written two public health curriculums with a huge potential for publication, published two much more lengthier reproductive health articles in community LGBT magazines, and just expanded my own wealth of knowledge.  Sheesh... I'm just realizing that I'm probably being a glory hog now.  Oh well... I deserve it!  :)  

And finally, I hope 2006 is the year that I have the opportunity to open that chapter of my life where I get to experience a meaningful relationships with a good man.  It won't hurt if he is also cute.  :)