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Episode 124: Flowers for Algernon [Feb. 17th, 2006|11:33 pm]
[mood |coldcold]
[music |You're Beautiful by James Blunt]

The weather has been fickle, and it gives me headaches.  We had a brush fire last week, and a rain storm is pouring right now.  It was dry and warm, and now it's cold and damp.  Winter seems like she just cannot make up her mind.  When the weather takes a sudden turn from cold to hot, I tend to get headaches.  I had planned to attend "One Mic" tonight, but my headache kept me in bed.  It was probably a good thing because when I finally woke from my evening nap, it was cold and pouring.  My mom made some soothing won-ton noodle soup, and it was such a comfort to eat that.  I was reminded that I am lucky to have warm food and a roof over my head during the rain and cold.

The Winter Olympics in Torino are now in its' 7th day of competitions, and I'm loving it.  Apollo Anton Ohno is very good looking.  So is Joey Cheek, and just about every other male figure skater, especially the Canadian skater, Jeffrey Buttle.  Johnny Weir bugs me.  There's just something about his character that makes me see him as being a not-so-nice person.  The upsetting part of the games was Michelle Kwan's withdrawal from the games because of an injury.  I felt so sad for her, but admired her for doing what everyone should do first - take care of him/herself.
  I enjoy the unity in these International games.  The next Winter Olympics will be in 2010, and will be held at Vancouver, British Columbia.  My cousin lives there, and this may be the perfect reason to finally go and visit her.  Maybe we can catch some of the games and enjoy the Olympic atmosphere in town.

This week was also Valentine's Day.  To get in the spirit of things, I sent out some fun greeting cards.  Dawn also planned an outting.  She chose Hooters for our Valentine's celebration.  As always, Hooters is a place for those who enjoy the pretty ladies.  The food is secondary, if that.  But we still had fun.  It was a party of 6 (which included Collumba and Paula), and I was the only guy at our table.  Columba and Dawn even bought everyone flowers.  I got two yellow roses and a pink carnation.  One of the things that may probably don't know about me is that I love it when people give me flowers.  It's a simple, but effective gesture of kindness, affection, and appreciation.  And flowers are beautiful.

Work has been insanely busy since we have had so many staff changes.  My partner in crime moved to our Marketing department.  I'm so glad for her success, but it also means that I am alone running my program until they hire and train a new educator.  I have presentations up the wall from now until April.  It's going to be intense, but I secretly like to be busy from time to time.  January was just so boring and slow, so I'm looking forward to the challenge.  I have a presentation at Cal State Fullerton's LGBA this upcoming Thursday.  It should be nice to see some familiar faces again, as well as how the new "kids" are doing these days.