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Episode 123: Something to Chew On - Afterglow [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Episode 123: Something to Chew On [Feb. 5th, 2006|12:36 am]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |Talk by Coldplay]

Once upon a time, I was a student.  Being a student was usually filled with opportunities to go against the grain and be creative.  There were few limits.  I graduated and now have a full-time job.  And while it is personally fulfilling for me, I find myself trapped in situations where going against the grain is just not possible.  I have this theory that school allows you to play with limits.  In fact, it dares you to test them.  But once you are given your degree, you practically trade-in that option to explore your creative limits.  You become a machine fueled by corporations, and eventually that creativity is forgotten.  As I punch in my time card, the beeping sound reminds me of the satisfaction of getting paid, but also another hit to that dying creativity.  Please come back soon.

The good news is that I have sick pay.  The bad news is that I've practically used them all in just one week.  I became extremely sick last Friday, and it took until today (almost 8 days later) to finally get better (well almost better).  It had been such a long time since I have been that sick for that long.  In my attempt to heal, I did a little hibernation in my room.  When I was not sleeping, coughing, or throwing up, I was catching up on DVDs that I have bought, but never had the opportunity to watch.  On the bright side, I did not spend any money (other than medicine) the whole week.  Now there's a silver lining for being sick.

Unfortunately, I had to be sick during the Lunar New Year.  I wasn't alone.  My family and I had a quiet celebration.  We all practically lost our appetites from being sick.  What a lousy way to start the Year of the Dog.   It sure bit us in the ass!  I was hoping to get some home projects done before the new year.  A week before I got sick, Patty and I took her Dad's huge van down to IKEA so that I could buy the tall bookshelf I have been wanting to buy for years.  It's been assembled, but the organization has yet to begin.

A good friend of mine has met someone.  He tells me such wonderful things about his new man.  The only challenge is the distance.  They met online, but my friend lives about an 8 hour drive away (1 hour by plane).  My friend has already flown up to spend the weekend with him, and he plans to revisit more this month.  I'm very hesitant about this situation because of the distance (the age is another concern, but can be overlooked in this case), but I can't help but envy his bravery for just taking a chance.  If I was in his shoes, I would rule this out from the begining because of the distance.  I tend to play things on the safer side.  I can't help but.  It's been a part of my training.  I've been playing it safe for so long now.  I've grown up quite a bit since then.  I wonder how different things will be now if I decide to risk it.  Now there's something to chew on.